supaquick birthday selfie u__u 

supaquick birthday selfie u__u

don’t you mess with a redneck samurai

don’t you mess with a redneck samurai

A message from Anonymous

Hiya ! I hope you don't mind giving me some advice on starting an art blog •.•' I've been pondering on whether or not to have one as I sometimes do feel like I may not have enough 'talent' or technical skill. I truly would appreciate if you could help me :3 Also, I'm in love with your art! You most definitely have become an inspiration to me :) Have a nice day and keep up the great job :)

Oh boy I have a Lot Of Feelings about this!

The very short answer: YES. START.

The longer reason: The wonderful/terrible/wonderful thing about the internet, about blogs and forums and webcomics, is that there is no low bar.There is no need to “qualify”, no need to pass some kind of invisible line of “enough talent” to start putting your work out there. And I can’t emphasize strongly enough what a positive thing that is.

As a young kid, I was lucky enough to live by a library with a great comic book collection. I devoured all the Tintin books, and made my way through a good chunk of Golden Age Flash and Wonder Woman comics. I enjoyed them immensely, but they didn’t exactly spark a creative fire in me. Then, when I reached middle school, I discovered webcomics.

Here’s the thing about webcomics, which is the exact thing about the whole internet: you don’t have to ‘qualify’. You can suck as much as you want. But as soon as you start, you’re on a path to getting better. As Jake in Adventure Time sagely says (and I think I’ve probably quoted before): sucking is just the first step to being kinda good at something. The comic I always credit with opening that little door in my mind is El Goonish Shive, which started heregot to this and then this. It’s by no means the Sistine Chapel, but the thing that blew my little mind and set that first little fire in my heart was that you could actually see the improvement over time. Where Tintin and Wonder Woman came published and packaged as though they sprang fully-formed into the world, with webcomics I could suddenly see through that illusion to the reality underneath: that talent is really just hard work over a long period of time, and that every artist and every skill has a starting place.

I started my first terrible, terrible webcomic knowing that it would suck (and also somehow simultaneously being certain of being awarded an Eisner within the year). Seeing other people out there brave enough to share their path with the world helped me get over that first stumbling block of fear and shame, and actually put my stuff out in public.

Which brings me around to the other great thing about doing that: feedback and discipline :) Once you start, you’ll find two things. One is that you’ll get critique and feedback on your work. If you actually listen to how people respond to your art, and to crit from those more experienced than you, you’ll improve faster and faster. And two, you’ll find that posting art or comics is a great way to form habit and discipline. Webcomics especially. Needing to keep your deadlines and post on specific days every week keeps you honest about your work and your time. I never would have drawn as much if I hadn’t committed myself to getting a comic out M/W/F through most of high school.

To sum up:

1. Sucking is ok!

2. Post shit anyways!

3. Keep your mind open to critique and feedback!


… as a gesture of good faith… deep breath…

…here’s a link to my terrible, terrible high school webcomic.

We all gotta start somewhere - now go and START :)

lady bods :D

lady bods :D

A message from yamino

Hey Bridget! I picked up your SU cover today. I love it! You doing any others?

Thanks so much! I did two variant covers for Bravest Warriors, one of which I think is being released in… September? I’m not super clear on what happens to stuff after I finish the art, haha. But those two other covers should show up somewhere/when!

This is the one that was announced already:

Process for my Steven Universe illustration, from thumbnail to final!

I promise this is my last overexcited spam post about this particular thing :B


A comiXologist Recommends:
Hanni Brosh recommends Steven Universe #1

They… ARE the Crystal Gems!

They being the stoic Garnet, sassy Amethyst, fretful Pearl, and Steven, our young hero with a golden heart and a gemstone belly button. Steven Universe, created by rebeccasugar, is the latest animated series to make the jump to the comic page, joining Adventure Time and Bee and Puppycat in BOOM’s impressive cartoon lineup. 

Steven balances being a magical Crystal Gem and a regular human boy - a protector of the universe who is still a fun-loving, energetic kid. While his fellow Gems are neutralizing unsavory creatures, Steven keeps their spirits up with his optimistic attitude (and some wacky yesteryear sunglasses). Writer jeremysorese and artist colemanengle make up the main story team and their debut issue is a hit; Sorese captures small character moments among the chaos of battle (notably Amethyst and Pearl’s bickering), while Engle’s bold brushwork and bright colors bring a gaseous rainbow beast to life and send it whizzing through magnificent temple ruins. Three back-up stories round out the issue - an adventure with some side characters, a hot dog recipe, and a charming attempt at birthday cake baking.

Steven Universe is a delight for readers of all ages - rich in creative locales, thoughtfully realized characters, and a good dose of magically-charged brawling. The first issue sets a high mark for the ongoing series, making “Steven” a comic you can believe in!

[Pick up Steven Universe #1 here!]

For fans of: comedy, action

Hanni Brosh is a digital editor at comiXology. She draws comics and has a really cute dog.

Higher res of my cover art, and a sneak peek of the actual comic by Amazing People!! Sorry guys, gonna be spamming this all day :D EXCITING TIMES.

AHHH oh man you guys!! I did this cover for Boom! Studios a while back, but I had no idea it was going to be on Steven Universe #1 ;____;
I’ll post the original art later today, but for now I’m just super excited and wanted to shaaaare :D

AHHH oh man you guys!! I did this cover for Boom! Studios a while back, but I had no idea it was going to be on Steven Universe #1 ;____;

I’ll post the original art later today, but for now I’m just super excited and wanted to shaaaare :D

New reel, updated with some of my work from the iAnimate course I took earlier in the year :>

A message from notsoaverageday

Hello! I just saw your 5 second animation and it was amazing! I live in Washington also and want to become an animator. Unfortunately I'm not super talented and really unclear as to where I should go from where I am. I just graduated high school, I already have my associates, and want to go to a university to earn my bachelors in animation. But I feel like I have no direction. I was wondering if you have any advice, anything you would have liked to know when you were starting your degree?Thanks!

So I’m still quite jetlagged and am about to completely crash, but here’s the most coherent answer I can give before I fall asleep:

1. Don’t say you aren’t talented!! As Jake says on Adventure Time, sucking at something is the first step to being kinda good at something :) ‘Talent’ is mostly just how dedicated you are to practicing. As long as you work hard and put your heart into it, you’ll be getting better every day.

2. I frequently think back on what I’d do if I could redo the whole college process. And while regrets aren’t really useful, I always wish I’d had the foresight to value foundation studies more. Look for and value any education you can get in drawing, color, light, composition, design! Those foundations will allow you to expand in ways you never imagined, and I promise will inform your animation as much as your illustration or story art or whatever else you do. I’m only just barely catching up on a lot of that stuff now, and it’s making a huge difference in my art and ideas.

3. Think about what you want out of animation. What’s your favorite part of the process? If you love the pure acting aspect, and would be happy working on single shots and really digging in to performance, look for a school where you can get a really great education in character animation specifically. If you love the overall storytelling aspect of animation, look towards a school like CalArts, where students make a film a year and learn as much about storytelling as about animating.

Hope this helps!! Best of luck <3